Music artist AMBER drops a new single: “Influencers’ Birthday Party”

June 3, 2021 (Viz Release) – – AMBER is Hollywood’s best kept secret at 18 years old this music POP Star is about to explode on the scene AMBER drops a new single: “Influencers’ Birthday Party”.  AMBER PATINO is an actress/ singer songwriter who appeared on HULU’s “The First” in 2018. Now embarking on new musical endeavors, first of twelve upcoming releases, “Influencers’ Birthday Party,” dropped on May 30th, 2021. The inspiration for this song comes from the inner world of influencers’ in Hollywood.

In the past Amber’s singing and song-writing talents were discovered by several music producers (including Lucas Bakker her song co-writing partner) and most notably multiple billboard charting producer David Longoria. Longoria recorded Amber on “We Are One,” a song which featured top recording artists such as The Pointer Sisters and Freda Payne.  She released her highly anticipated single “Supernova” in 2018. Inspired by Hulu’s hit series “The First,” Amber who plays ‘Amanda’ in the show and her producer and writing partner Lucas Bakker co-wrote the song after talking about themes from the near-future drama.  Amber’s vocals stun on the track as she delivers a performance well-beyond her years. Amber finds making music as a truly therapeutic experience and her passion is made evident in her music’s unique and captivating sound.

Amber Patino is already proving she is a force to be reckoned with in the industry for her role in Hulu’s series “The First,” starring Sean Penn and Natascha McElhone.  Amber’s other credits include her first short film “Lucia and after,” which she won an award for “Most promising actress” by the Southern California Motion Picture Council. Amber was in numerous other short films including “Pearl” and the lead roles in “One In” and even was the female lead in the full- feature film “Jurassic School”.

She has been a philanthropist starting from a young age working closely with “The Flying Hero Club” and “The Human Kindness Project”. Motivated by her sister’s difficulties with autism, Amber has found what makes her and her audiences hearts sing, music. Some say she has been gifted the voice of an angel, but Amber sings not for the fans but to speak up about social issues in our world today. Amber is also passionate about helping others and has been involved with groups around causes like special needs, adoption and homelessness.

With the world opening up again this summer AMBER is preforming July 10, 2021, in Anchorage, Alaska for the HELIOFEST festival. HELIOFEST was created to bring world-famous artist and breaking national acts together with local up-and-comers. HELIOFEST Valley of the Midnight Sun Music and Arts Festival is a must-attend summer event for friends and family, food and drinks, local vendors, and of course, world-class music.

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Song description “Influencers’ Birthday Party”:

“Influencers’ Birthday Party” is today’s version of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” song, about the acceptance of social disconnect, disregard, and dissociation that comes with fame and popularity in Hollywood with the “influencers”. Inspired by a real-life experience, “Influencer’s Birthday Party” chronicles the inner happenings of Hollywood’s influencers’ birthday party.


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