GWFG Turns to IronOrbit to Protect Food Manufacturing and Supply Chain from Cyberthreats

April 5, 2021 – Anaheim Hills, CA – IronOrbit, a privately owned and fully integrated ICT powerhouse, announced today that Golden West Food Group has commissioned them to move their entire IT infrastructure to IronOrbit’s private cloud.

Founded in 1970, the Vernon, California-based, Golden West Food Group (GWFG) is a full spectrum manufacturer of premium food products. Although they have been a client for 4 years, the escalating threat of cyberattacks provoked the leadership of GWFG to look for ways to protect their systems. Cyberattacks can disrupt manufacturing processes, take down production lines, and even impact the safety of the food itself.

Manufacturers across the nation are facing IT resource challenges. The choice for Golden West Food group was between investing heavily to replace their current in-house technologies or placing their IT environment into a secure cloud. They were attracted to IronOrbit’s security expertise and deep commitment to security and compliance. The single-tenant aspect of IronOrbit’s private cloud proved to be the safest solution for GWFG’s ICT environment.

Josh Solovy — President of Golden West Food Group said, “Cybersecurity is critical and essential to keep systems and processes running, food safe, and the supply chain intact. For a long time, it’s been a concern that has weighed heavily on me. It’s always the simplest attack that can have the most serious consequences. IronOrbit has the expertise we needed. They have a comprehensive and holistic approach to cybersecurity. I rest easier at night knowing IronOrbit is protecting our data and infrastructure. ”

IronOrbit CEO, Alexander Saca, said, “Everything in business is reliant on technology. Everything is interconnected and digital operations run smoothly, and tremendous amounts of data are accumulated. That data is essential to the day-to-day operations of our clients. It’s also a prime target for hackers. Our job is to keep these systems running smoothly and protected from cyber threats of all kinds. “

Golden West Food Group, is a premium manufacturer of food products with headquarters in Vernon, California. GWFG offers thousands of products nationwide to a variety of customers in Food Service, Military, Private Label and Retail Channels including Walmart, Albertsons, Safeway, The Walt Disney Co., MGM, Sysco, and more.

IronOrbit, a division of SACA Technologies, operates its global footprint of private data centers across more than twenty regions worldwide. SOC 2, Type 2 Certified, Tier certified facilities provide highly secure cloud services and virtual workspaces to thousands of customers, including the US government.  Learn more at