Research and Markets: Wind Energy Market Continues to be Fast Growing Industry in China 2012

Wind power is the main focus of China’s drive to promote renewable energy in the country. China is one of the world’s largest wind power markets and by the end of 2010, cumulative installed capacity of wind power had reached 2.6GW. China has ambitious plans to have some of the largest wind power farms in the world.

The country has put in place a favorable regulatory framework that works towards promoting the rise of wind power in its provinces. From the very smallest province to major cities, China has plans to spread the growth of wind power in every part of the country.

Taiyou Research analyzes this fast growing industry in its cutting-edge report China Wind Energy Market.

The report China Wind Energy Market covers the following:

– Market profile, wind resources, profitability of the wind power market, supply and demand scenario, market potential, technical developments, installed capacity, the Wind Power Concession Program in China, off-grid wind power generation, and much more statistical and strategic data is included in part 1 of this section.

– The market for small wind turbines, issues facing the small wind power market, grid-connected wind power, risks for investors looking to invest in China’s wind power market such as tariff risks, risks related to wind resources, equipment risks, and grid connectivity is analyzed. The Maglev windmills in China are also analyzed.

– The emergence of offshore wind power in China and issues facing the wind power market is analyzed.

– Wind turbine manufacturing market in China is analyzed including market statistics, manufacturing of wind turbines, manufacturing of turbine components and accessories including bearings, blades, electrical controls, gearboxes, generators.

Section 1: Renewable Energy in China

1. Why China Needs Renewable Energy?

2. China Renewable Energy Market

3. China’s 12th Five-Year Plan & Development of Renewable Energy

4. Factors Impacting the Renewable Energy Industry in China

5. Market Drivers

6. China’s 40-45% Carbon Intensity Reduction Target for 2020

7. Market Outlook: China Renewable Energy Industry

Section 2: China Wind Energy Market

1. Wind Power in China

2. Emergence of Offshore Wind Power in China

3. Issues with Wind Power

4. Wind Turbine Manufacturing Market in China

5. Wind Power Industry in China – Region-wise Analysis

6. Market Outlook: China Wind Power Market

7. Major Players

Section 3: Conclusion

1. Appendix

2. Glossary

– Acciona SA

– Gamesa

– GE Wind Power

– Gold Wind Science and Technology Co. Ltd

– Longyuan Power

– Ningxia Power

– Nordex

– Shenhua Group

– Sinovel Wind Co. Ltd.

– Suzlon Energy (Tianjin) Co, Ltd

– Vestas

– Xi’an-Nordex