WiseTREND introduces DigitEYE for Schools – innovative effective online education launched at a San Francisco school to bridge the gap between physical whiteboard and online classroom

October 23, 2020 (Viz Release) – – WiseTREND Advanced OCR & Data Capture, Inc. (www.wisetrend.com), a fast-growing document conversion and online image recognition company, today announced a new inexpensive online presentation device especially adapted to ease the online education efficiency in the education school year 2020.  This live presentation tool demonstrates how easily an online classroom can be enhanced with live notes, presentation of various interactive materials, and “whiteboard” effect of a physical classroom.

A school in San Francisco quickly and easily adapted DigitEYE devices during the turbulent Spring 2020 term for many online classrooms starting with Kindergarten through 6th grades, and expanded the number of DigitEYE devices to all teachers in the Fall 2020 semester.  Most teachers had little to no experience with online classes and computers in general, yet were able to adapt and enjoy the benefits of DigitEYE along with other presentation tools like Zoom.  Some teachers did not have their own computers so the school supplied its stock of various-age laptops, and DigitEYE worked successfully well on all computers.

Website: https://www.wisetrend.com/products/digiteye-smart-desk-lamp-document-scanner/

With the uncertainty of COVID19 effects and statistics right before the 2020 school year, many schools struggle with planning for Fall 2020 environment.  Some schools chose to offer minimal classes due to various complexities, while many other schools looked for innovative ways how to serve their students with most efficiency through online education within current constraints.  While Zoom classes provide a good level of interaction, there is an obvious challenge presenting content to students much like it would be presented on a whiteboard in classroom.  Many teachers adapted actual whiteboards behind them during video streaming, but low lighting and typically low resolution webcam cameras were not sufficient to present information to students’ small screens clearly, causing eye strain, unnecessary fatigue and overall displeasure with online presentations.

DigitEYE device provides hands-on interactivity of a whiteboard, or more specifically a desk surface where a teacher can present various information and materials through a live video stream recorded through a high resolution camera.  DigitEYE has built-in LED lighting that allows a well-lit presentation independent of ambient lighting, so it can be even used as a regular desk lamp.  This scanner provides a single-button ability to scan presented materials and archive documents into matching folders, such as a folder per class.  Advanced users can create one-button-initiated workflows that automatically perform multiple actions at the same time, such as: take a picture -> convert to black and white to decrease file size -> save into a specific folder -> name file with current class name and date-time of the scan -> send a copy to a group class e-mail -> upload a copy to online cloud storage accessible by the whole class.

DigitEYE is easy to install and start using out-of-box: unpack the box, download and install Windows OS software (sorry, not yet available for Mac OS), review quick-start guide, and start using.  Installation is IT-friendly for most personal and corporate environments and does not require restricted Administrator permissions.  Advanced users, if they choose to optimize DigitEYE, can modify numerous settings, change user interface look and feel, and setup their own folders library and document scanning profiles.

For more information about DigitEYE, or to place orders for available US stock, please visit: https://www.wisetrend.com/products/digiteye-smart-desk-lamp-document-scanner/

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