A Better Tomorrow Happens Today: Denver South Unveils Updated Brand and Promotional Campaign to Attract Jobs, Companies, and Talent to aid Economic Recovery


A Better Tomorrow Happens Today: Denver South Unveils Updated Brand and Promotional Campaign to Attract Jobs, Companies, and Talent to aid Economic Recovery

Nonprofit economic development group promoting the region nationally as a leading place to locate and grow a business

ENGLEWOOD, COLO. (Viz Release) September 1, 2020 – – The Denver South Economic Development Partnership, a 35-year-old public-private partnership tasked with promoting economic growth, unveiled a new name, brand, and promotional campaign today aimed at attracting new jobs and investment to the region.

Among the changes are a more concise, two-word name -Denver South – and a new tagline representative of the optimism of the organization and region: A Better Tomorrow Happens Today.

City of Lone Tree Mayor and Denver South’s Board Chair, Transportation, Jackie Millet, said the brand updates and campaign are vital to assisting the region during the economic recovery.

“Denver South is focused on building our future through our efforts today,” she said. “This philosophy led to our current success as a region and will lead to an even brighter future as we rebound and move forward.”

Thomas Brook, Denver South’s CEO,shared a similar sentiment regarding the campaign’s tagline: A Better Tomorrow Happens Today.

“One of the unique aspects of doing business in Denver South is our widely shared belief that we can create the future that we want by working collaboratively,” said Brook. “The work may be more challenging today than it was last year, but our positivity and optimism has never been more relevant. Like we always have, we’re choosing to roll up our sleeves and get to work building the Denver South of tomorrow.”

In addition to the updated name and brand, Denver South launched a new website, www.denver-south.com. The site promotes all aspects of living and working in the region, an important balance of attributes that the group believes sets the region apart from its competitors.

“Much of the world already knows Denver South as a great place to do business,” said Jake Rishavy, Denver South’s Vice President of Marketing. “But those of us who live and work here also know Denver South is one of the best places in the world to live and play. Our quality of life is vital in attracting the workforce of the future, which in turn informs where companies choose to locate.”

The site will be supported with a substantial digital marketing push, promoting the region and its six key growth industries: Aviation and Aerospace, Broadband and Digital Communications, Information Technology, Engineering Services, Financial Services, and Healthcare and Life Sciences.

“These branding elements-name, logo, tagline, website, and digital campaign—work together to illustrate the powerful regional collaboration that has long defined us,” said Rishavy. “Throughout our history, we’ve come together in a unique way. Business leaders, public officials, residents, and everyone with a stake in our community. We work together to create the future we want. This site and campaign highlight the amazing people and places at the center of it all and better shares our secret with the world.”


About Denver South:

Denver South is both the community surrounding the I-25 corridor south of Denver and the organization that convenes public and private stakeholders to drive our shared vision. We improve economic prosperity and the creation of primary jobs in the region through business retention, attraction, and expansion efforts. We also leverage public-private partnerships and regional collaboration to improve mobility for all who live, work, and play in the region.

Media Contact:
Jake Rishavy
Vice President of Marketing
Denver South
Mobile: 720.231.6542

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