Is Pentagon Set to Confirm Billy Meier UFO Case and Accept ET Help for COVID?

UFO expert reveals Carter administration turned down offer for contact in 1979, government now re-considering

August 10, 2020 (Viz Release) – – While the Pentagon continues to show UFO videos reminiscent of 1970s video games, they still don’t offer definitive information about what these craft are, where they come from and why they’re here. But the real reason for the Pentagon doing so may be far more intriguing.

According to Michael Horn, considered by many to be the world’s leading authority on UFOs, the Pentagon’s grainy, indistinct UFO videos may actually signal a first step in preparing the public for much better, and more important, evidence.

Swiss Contacts Ongoing for Almost 80 Years

Horn says that the real motivation behind the Pentagon’s sudden interest in informing the public about UFOs, is connected to the 83 year-old Swiss contactee, Billy Meier, who claims he’s been meeting with an extraterrestrial race, called the Plejaren, since 1942.

Meier’s UFO photos, films, video, etc., which have been independently analyzed and authenticated by numerous scientific experts over the past four decades, are clearly far superior to the Pentagon’s best evidence. And many people, worldwide, are already familiar with the “I WANT TO BELIEVE” poster, on the X-Files TV show that used one of Meier’s 1975 UFO photos, many of which were also recently auctioned off by Sotheby’s.

But, according to Horn, what isn’t well known is that, in 1979, an official offer for contact from the Plejaren was extended to the Jimmy Carter administration. An introductory letter, typed out by Meier, was given to a private investigator researching his UFO evidence who, through his connections to the CIA, presented it to the Carter administration. However, the offer was turned down, reportedly because the conditions for the contacts were viewed as too restrictive, by the US government.

Enter COVID-19

In his January 23 interview on  CBS TV Morning News, speaking about the urgency of the Meier information, Horn said that Meier first warned of the coronavirus in 1995.

He said that now, more than 40 years after the outreach to the Carter administration, Meier’s COVID-19 information continues to be proven accurate, well in advance of official findings from the CDC, WHO, etc. Consequently, there are reports that the looming threat of total unmanageability of the pandemic has top Pentagon officials mulling over whether to now actively seek help from the Plejaren.

As far back as April, Meier conveyed the warning that the lockdown needed to be strictly enforced for several more months, in order to stop the spread of the disease, prevent its resurgence and a resulting economic collapse. But, because the population failed to do so, the Plejaren warned that tens, to hundreds, of millions of cases may result. With that information in mind, portending complete social and economic devastation and collapse, certain factions are pressing for the official outreach.

Major Hurdles Remain

Should the Pentagon decide to seek such a contact, a positive response from Switzerland would set the stage for logistical discussions.

There would still be major hurdles to be overcome. It’s already well known that Meier’s published tens of thousands of pages of information from the Plejaren, with frequent claims that global overpopulation is the main causative factor underlying the problems human beings face. Because they are also openly critical of terrestrial religious and political systems, as well as viewing military actions by the US and other states as endangering peace and even life on earth, some strategists see almost insurmountable difficulties in terms of officially acknowledging the Plejaren’s existence, let alone reaching out to them for assistance.

However, if an agreement could be reached, Horn says that such contact wouldn’t look anything like the Close Encounters movie version. “As they have consistently done regarding previously unknown information in a wide variety of areas, the Plejaren would most likely speak to us in the language of science, conveying information through Billy Meier to medical and scientific officials. Certainly, it would still be up to us to analyze the information and recommendations prior to implementing them.

“It may seem obvious to the average person that we should seek, accept and utilize assistance from human beings who are greatly in advance of us. But decisions of this magnitude are dealt with very pragmatically, even cynically. Hard as it may be to for us to imagine, leaders may already be weighing the benefits of assistance from the Plejaren, against the perceived negative impact on the military, governmental, political, religious, and economic systems, all of whom could be very fearful of a loss of control.

Hanging in the balance are tens to hundreds of millions of lives, from a disease that may be otherwise unconquerable and will remain with us far into the future,” said Horn.

Some of Billy Meier’s 1,200+, still irreproducible, pre-digital era UFO photos, 1975 – 1981:

Is Pentagon Set to Confirm Billy Meier UFO Case and Accept ET Help for COVID?

Swiss UFO contractee, Billy Meier:

Billy Meier UFO Case and Accept ET Help

Michael Horn, world’s leading authority on UFOs:

Pentagon Set to Confirm Billy Meier UFO Case

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