How to Pump Water to Lower Your Carbon Footprint, Save Money, and Help Change the Stodgy $75B Water-Pump Industry

Innovative, disruptive, and eco-friendly technology empowers public water utilities and end users to create their own “mini green new deal”

– Patented technology pumps water to impressive heights and distances without electricity, fuel, solar, or wind, just the power of flowing surface water itself

– The Venturo Pump is the world’s largest zero-energy ram pump and enables revolutionary large-scale water delivery 24/7 without electricity, fuel, solar, or wind

– The Seradisc Filter is a generational leap in protecting water pumps and threatens the sleepy water-pump industry that’s grown fat on high maintenance costs – the lucrative replacement-parts supply chain – due to sub-par filters

Olney, MD (Viz Release) July 23, 2020 – – Water Powered Technologies (WPT) is disrupting the staid $75B water-pump industry with the launch of its “mini green new deal.”  Its innovative and eco-friendly pump and filter technologies empower public utilities and end users to eliminate their use of electricity and fuel, lowering their carbon footprint and operating costs.

Worldwide, there are millions of water pumps in use by utilities and end users and most of them are powered by electricity or fuel and are expensive to operate and maintain.  In fact, their basic design hasn’t changed much in 100 years.  Solar and wind-powered pumps are improvements but they have limitations compared to WPT’s Papa Pump (

Water Powered Technologies (WPT)

Water Powered Technologies’ patented solutions bridge this gap by eliminating electricity and fuel bills, cutting maintenance costs by 95% or more, and thereby substantially lowering carbon footprints.  This financial incentive to “go green” absent any government subsidies is a game changer; why wait for a massive new government program when you can be part of a self-serve movement to save money while helping the planet?

“We believe the cumulative effect of large-scale adoption of our technologies would have tremendous socio-economic benefits,” said Frank Howard, US Distributor.  “It’s a win/win for people and the environment.”  More information can be found at

WATER POWERED TECHNOLOGIES Ltd. water-pumping systems that use no electricity or fuel

WATER POWERED TECHNOLOGIES Ltd. is a leading U.K.-based R&D company focused on water-pumping systems that use no electricity or fuel, using only the natural power of flowing water.  Their range of patented products range from the Papa Pump, 1000’s of which are already globally operational, to the large-scale Venturo water pump which is the largest zero-power ram pump in the world, to the Seradisc filter which provides superior protection from debris for water pumps and other devices.

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