Cure Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Stock Symbol: CURR is a new Drug Delivery Company that Improves Efficiency, Safety and Patient Experience is about to take the world by storm

CURR also has New Product Applications in the Multi-Billion Dollar Male Erectile Dysfunction Market

July 20, 2020CURE Pharmaceutical (OTCQB: CURR), based in Oxnard, CA, is a vertically integrated drug delivery and development company committed to improving drug efficacy, safety, and patient experience through its proprietary drug dosage forms and delivery systems. CURR is a pioneering developer of CUREform™, a patented drug delivery platform. CUREform™ includes CUREfilm®, one of the most advanced oral thin films on the market today; microCURE™, an innovative emulsion technology utilizing proprietary encapsulation techniques; and CUREpods™ a novel chewable delivery system.

  • CURR has over 22 Patents and Patents Pending Worldwide for Extraction, Concentration & Processing of Specialized Medicinal Compounds.
  • New Marketing Agreement in Mexico in Collaboration with Factoria Bogar Subsidiary.
  • Balance Sheet Strengthened by $1.4 Million from June Warrant Exercise.
  • New SILEDENAFIL, “VIAGRA” Oral Thin Film Product for the Multi Billion Dollar Erectile Dysfunction Market.
  • NSF’s cGMP Certification for Dietary Supplements
  • Canopy Rivers Chairman John K. Bell was recently added to CURR’s board of directors.
  • CURR has an FDA- and DEA- registered, GMP manufacturing facility

Cure Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Stock Symbol: CURR is a new Drug Delivery Company that Improves Efficiency

CURR‘s Chinese Patent No. ZL201480039313.6 regarding the loading of high amounts of active drug on an oral thin film using its proprietary drug delivery systems. This new patent includes the company’s lead product, CUREfilm Blue™, a soluble thin film for oral administration of sildenafil citrate to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) in China.

The ED drug market is expected to reach USD $6.5 billion at a 6% compound annual growth rate by 2025, according to QYResearch. The report points out that the Asia Pacific market will be one of the fastest growing markets for ED medicine. Sildenafil is leading the ED drug market worldwide with more than half of all global sales.

Cure Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Stock Symbol: CURR

CURR’s CUREfilm Blue™ is FASTER and is expected to require less of the ED drug. This enables CURR to differentiate its oral thin film product from SILDENAFIL and VIAGRA oral soluble films.

CURR Products Fall Into Two Categories: Nutraceuticals (dietary supplements) and Pharmaceutical Medicines


CUREfilm® Sleep is a daily dietary supplement that delivers a unique blend of five active ingredients with the CUREfilm® platform to promote healthy sleep patterns. This product is launched in U.S. markets.

CUREfilm® D is a high-potency dietary supplement that provides 50,000 IU of Vitamin D3 delivered with the CUREfilm® platform.

CUREfilm™ Hemp delivers hemp extracts via the CUREfilm® dosage form. This product is launched in U.S. markets.

CUREfilm® β-Caryophyllene is a dietary supplement that contains 30mg of β-Caryophyllene, a powerful terpene known for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.


CUREfilm® Blue contains 50mg of Sildenafil delivered with the CUREfilm® platform.

CUREfilm® Canna delivers synthetic and plant-derived cannabinoids in an oral thin film for pharmaceutical indications.

Major Earnings Potential in the Emerging Medicinal Cannabis Industry 

The Cannabis plant has an estimated 113 different compounds, out of which THC and CBD are the two main constituents. THC is mainly responsible for the psychoactive effects or the feeling of “high” caused by the use of cannabis. CBD on the other hand, has several powerful anti-inflammatory, analgesic, neuroprotective and anti-anxiety properties, which explains its growing popularity to treat a plethora of medical conditions. Unlike THC, CBD does not have any psychotropic effects and hence is widely preferred.

CBD is now being used to treat a wide array of medical conditions such as cancer, cardiovascular anomalies, arthritis, anxiety, depression and Insomnia. In addition, it has also been proven to possess neuroprotective benefits that can treat diseases such as seizures, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Schizophrenia to name a few. There is a growing preference for CBD over traditional pharmaceutical options as these have minimal side effects and are non-addictive.

The global legal marijuana market is likely to reach over USD 66.3 billion by the end of 2025, as per a report by Grand View Research, Inc, growing at a CAGR of 23.9%. There is a growing acceptance of the curative effects of cannabis, with some countries such as Canada and certain states of U.S legalizing the use of Marijuana for medical and recreational use. Research has time and again shown that cannabinoids (CBD), extracted from the cannabis plant, have varied medical uses with minimal side effects, making it a sought-after alternative to traditional pharmaceutical options.

 New Patents Issued on Key Therapeutics for Infectious Diseases 

On April 21st CURR announced the issuance of two U.S. Patents: No. 10,639,339 and 10,624,940. The patents represent an expansion of the existing CURR “product by process” patents for obtaining multiple unique concentrates using super critical fluid extraction (SCFE). These include concentrates which have shown promising therapeutic activity in animal studies in areas such as inflammatory bowel disease, cancer and infectious diseases.

Additionally, CURR is granting equipment manufacturers, processing companies and medicine developers licenses to its portfolio of issued and pending process and composition patents for isolating specific botanical compounds using an advanced SCFE technology utilizing carbon dioxide as the solvent. While the patents cover the incorporation of extracts into multiple dosage forms, CURR has retained all rights to applying these methods in oral thin films.

The two new CURR patents cover the extraction and purification of specialized plant material, as well as subsequent processing of extracts for medication formulations. This extraction and fractioning of bioactive molecules allows for the integration of molecules into dosage forms.

Cure Pharmaceuticals, Inc. CURR is a new Drug Delivery Company

CURR Expands to Europe, Signs Licensing Agreement with ReLeaf Europe to Provide Advanced Cannabinoid Delivery

CURR recently announced that it had signed an exclusive licensing agreement with ReLeaf Europe; one of Europe’s leading pharmaceutical groups specialized in medicinal cannabis products. The agreement grants ReLeaf Europe exclusive access to the CURR encapsulation technology for certain oral and topical cannabis products in the Netherlands, the world’s first medical cannabis market. ReLeaf Europe products will be the first to use the CUREinside™ quality mark to bolster consumer confidence. Europe is one of the world’s largest medical cannabis markets due to various governments’ approval for medicinal purposes.

ReLeaf Europe is one of the few pharmacy providers of pharmaceutical-grade medicinal cannabis oils in Europe and an ideal partner for the CURR first step into the European market because of its commitment to establishing clinical evidence and following EU GMP and GDP standards. Through this agreement, CURR will roll out its powered by CURE strategy that includes exclusive licensing relationships to build global market share.

ReLeaf Europe is tackling the largest market in the world for cannabis by establishing a foothold in Holland – a market estimated to reach $2.6B by 2028 – and by pursuing innovative delivery systems and distribution networks. CURR will power several ReLeaf Europe products, including one sublingual tincture and two topical creams to be launched in 2020.

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Cure Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Drug Delivery Company that Improves Efficiency