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July 12, 2020 (Viz Release) – – The highly experienced legal staff at Process Server One adheres to the Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act (UIDDA), which allows for straightforward, streamlined domestication of subpoenas in most U.S. locations. Proper execution of legal document service requires licensed professionals, and Process Server One hires only the hardest-working, most accomplished process servers, lawyers, investigators, and paralegals to complete your assignments quickly and effectively the first time.

Process Server One quickly serves the legal process all across the U.S. seven days a week including weekends and holidays. We dedicate ourselves each day to serving personal and record subpoenas, judgements, and arbitration awards for individuals, business organizations, and attorneys in order to level the legal playing field throughout the U.S. We’ve practiced for more than 30 years in all American counties, and we’ll answer any questions you have about your assignment at (855) 545-1303).

If you’ve ever tried to get an elusive defendant into court, or into a negotiating room, then you know – it’s not easy. And if you haven’t, you can trust us to know how people sometimes go into hiding to avoid a summons or a subpoena. We’ve seen it all and still maintain a record of success in every state – no matter how often defendants try to hide. And we do it right away.

Once we serve your subpoena, even if served on a company, they have a duty to respond as your documentation is an official court order. These documents are sent under the authority of the court and need to be responded to in a limited time frame. Otherwise, the defendant will risk civil contempt which could land you $500 plus damages.

Instead of going to court and proceeding with a standard trial, many parties prefer arbitration and we can help with these awards as well. The winner of the arbitration needs to confirm their win in court. Usually the arbitrator’s decision is obeyed straight-forwardly. If not, the award can be enforced in court. While different states have different rules, we’re familiar with them all.

In any case, you can rest assured knowing your result is on the way soon and never feel intimidated by the thought of taking a major corporation to the courtroom. No matter where the business or the registered agent is located, we can serve them quickly and we probably have before! We’ve played vital roles in the American legal process for many years, including several serves at CT Corp, Corporation Service Company (CSC), and National Registered Agents.

Serving legal papers is just one part of a grand legal process where we know the best practices no matter how the defendant responds to the subpoena or judgement at various stages. For example:

  • If the defendant responds normally and meets you in court, we’re already prepared to assist with all aspects of litigation support from court record research and filing to private investigations and depositions.
  • However, if all of a sudden the defendant becomes elusive and hides to stall your progress in a court of law, we can help you escalate the situation with further process service and help you earn a judgement en route to wage garnishment or other benefits that could be in store for you.
  • In extreme cases, you’ll have a judgement that hasn’t been paid and you want to enforce it. We serve writs of execution to do just that. Often, defendants will try to ignore judgements held against them. When a losing party hides or tries to escape a judgement, at Process Server One, we’ll find them. We’ll make sure documents are delivered, and there are no more delays in enforcing the judgement.
  • Best of all, you’ll gain access to our online portal for instant updates about your assignments similar to how you track the shipping updates for a cross-country package delivery.

Call 24/7 at (855) 545-1303 with any questions for a free quote and consultation. Our customer service team is prepared to listen; mention your specific needs to our expert legal team to find the right answers for you.

In any case, a licensed, registered, and bonded legal process server is required to perform this service. The modern discovery process in most civil litigation requires subpoenas to be served on witnesses or document/record holders. In some cases, those witnesses or record holders are located in more than one state. However, subpoenas to witnesses and record holders outside your state are unenforceable by its courts. These subpoenas and discovery instruments must be domesticated in the state where the witness and/or record holder is located.

Failure to get witnesses to appear in court can ruin your chances at successful legal results, but we can help you make sure witnesses and evidence appear in court to provide you with the best results at trial. At Process Server One, we use only the most experienced process servers familiar with local, state and national laws for personal subpoenas. They’ll ensure your papers are served quickly and legally within the proper time frame, so you’ll be assured you can go forward with the legal action you’re pursuing.

Why Choose Process Server One as Your Legal Support Team?

When searching for a legal company that truly deserves your trust, it’s best to find one with a long history of legal experience that’s served every sort of paper in the United States and abroad. Imagine needing help with process service all across Florida, but the company only has experience in New York City. Sending your assignment to them would be a great risk in large part because New York is a UIDDA state while Florida is not.

We work in every county nationwide expanding our knowledge and expertise at serving the legal process under both your local and federal laws. We know exactly what to do and where to go to complete most assignments within 48 hours. You should expect valid written proof of service immediately, which is good in court to establish the defendant or witness received the papers.

Every member of our process service and concierge team is a hand-picked legal expert when it comes to preparation and service of personal and record subpoenas, judgements, and arbitration awards. We’re here because whenever someone needs to serve a legal paper, including us, that paper must be served by someone that isn’t involved in the legal proceeding. Because we all need a hand with legal work, Process Server One remains at the ready (and has for more than three decades).

Our staff is located around the U.S., connected online and experienced in all 50 states. We are a diverse group of talented professionals with diverse personalities, and even-more diverse sets of skills. Our licensed process servers and support staff have decades of experience serving legal papers, and completing foreign-state domestication of subpoenas and judgments. With all of our experience it’s no wonder that we know the fastest ways to complete your assignments nationwide.

Process Server One adheres to the Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act (UIDDA), which allows for straightforward, streamlined domestication of subpoenas in most states, including California. There are some exception states, and when a witness or record holder is located in one of those states, experience and expertise is even more important. In those exception states, a commission is required, and the local forum state procedures can be elaborate. In those non-UIDDA states, the process can be extremely confusing, time-consuming and expensive. In our experience, very few process service firms have the expertise and experience to conduct this kind of work outside California.

Our foreign-jurisdiction subpoena domestication services include:

  • Locating individuals and businesses for service of process
  • Research and confirmation of current county and state court rules and regulations
  • Coordination with local counsel in the witness or record holder’s state, if necessary
  • Multistate document preparation and court filing
  • Deposition officer duties and document receipt/copying/facilitation

We have assembled a group of seasoned professionals, with decades of work in courthouses, law offices, and in the streets. This team is growing as quickly as we can identify talented legal professionals, but we set our bar high for the sake of our clients. Our best effort goes to building a team of reliable, fast, and resourceful legal professionals.

We have served thousands of legal papers over thirty years in the legal trenches. We have seen our clients successfully through rush locates, rush serves, court deadlines, complex cases, evasive defendants, out-of-state record-holders, subpoena and judgment domestications around the United States, and more. Process Server One offers a complete solution for your needs, and we’re glad to answer your questions on personal or record subpoenas, judgements, and arbitration awards. Simply bring a complete list of questions to your free consultation today. Dial (855) 545-1303 to begin now.

With all the information at our fingertips, we go the extra mile to bolster any findings and seek out witnesses for you. Because we know from experience that without a valid witness, even photo and video evidence can be deemed hearsay. Process Server One is aware of the objection tactics used in court, and we plan ahead to keep your case on course.

We can serve legal papers for you in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, on Native American reservations, in U.S. territories, and more. We’ve even handled process service in cases where over 2000 defendants were named. We have handled difficult mental-health and related serves as well. We offer solutions down the street, and across the country. We’re certain we can get you to your legal destination; let us show you the way to produce results anywhere quickly.

Oftentimes your papers must be issued in another state, processed from another state or another federal district court, or located in-state, but regardless, our fast, efficient, and accurate service is provided by experienced process servers with more than 30 years of experience doing what you need today. Since states still have their own specific procedures, we always contact the record holder’s local court to avoid mistakes.

Successfully serving legal papers, especially subpoenas, is a wonderful feeling; your justice is just getting started. Issuing a subpoena isn’t an easy task, however: only a licensed, registered, bonded process server can serve the papers for you – and that’s where we come in.

After registering an account for process service or e-filing, you’ll be ready to have multiple assignments completed quickly. With office locations strategically strewn across the United States including Hawai’i, we’ve proven our ability to serve the legal process in all states and circumstances.

At Process Server One, we take care of all aspects of litigation support from nationwide service of subpoenas to judgements, even arbitration awards (including domestication for when the papers are to be sent across borders). Process Server One wouldn’t be the leading all-in-one process service company without a full range of services that improve your chances at a legal victory.

To get started, contact us at (855) 545-1303 or email us a new request at Begin serving your personal or record subpoenas, judgements, or arbitration awards anywhere in the United States today.