Core Technologie offers solutions for self-sufficient supply chains through Additive Manufacturing

Southfield, Michigan (Viz Release) June 25, 2020 – –   The current crisis reveals the weaknesses of global manufacturing networks and their dependence on complex, widely dispersed, and vulnerable supply chains. In order to remain independent and able to act in crisis situations, 3D printing is the ideal solution for self-sufficient and flexible production. In this context, CoreTechnologie (CT) has taken its 4D_Additive software to the next level – this software tool helps with the digital transformation of manufacturing with production accuracy and automated workflow.

Additive manufacturing is one of the central tools for companies to be self-reliant from external factors.  Individualized small series production can be implemented cost-effectively through batch processing. Globally companies are using networking production to send jobs to local printers, resulting in decreased storage requirements and short transportation routes that are resource-saving and CO2-footprint is lowered.

The first challenge is to identify the parts and components suitable for this manufacturing process and to automatically filter them out of a huge database of 3D models. CT has developed “Partfinder” – a search engine for classifying components based on the geometric properties of the CAD models. The search can be based on information contained in the CAD file which can be retrieved by an analysis of metadata, geometry, construction history, dimensions, attributes, and tolerances. The technology offers functional integration and integral construction by combining assemblies and material-saving lightweight designs.

Core Technologie offers solutions for self-sufficient supply chains through Additive Manufacturing

4D_Additive processes data from common CADx as solid geometry. This enables pre-process testing, repair, direct modeling, and offset for the printing of exact 3D models according to CAD engineering standards. The software enables automation of the workflow from the CAD system to the print job. All functions of the tool can be automated using the system’s scripting language.

In addition to the innovative texture module, the software has intelligent alignment of parts, clever nesting functions; and for lightweight construction, there are functions for hollowing and filling the parts with lattice structures.

Some additive manufacturing technologies are already competitive for small batch production of complex plastic parts. An extensive series production of parts as a bridging scenario is therefore realistic. By building new and by optimizing the collaboration of existing 3D printing resources, the future of this technology can help avoid bottlenecks in the supply chain.

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