Validation Sought to Regain Hospital Trust

Fort Lauderdale, FL (Viz Release) June 22, 2020 – – Female consumers are concerned about their health and would not go to a hospital unless they are displaying concerning symptoms such as shortness of breath or a very high fever; with 63% opting to stay home and self-monitor symptoms.  According to a national survey of women 35+ by WomenCertified, Inc. Fifty-seven percent (57%)  of women are concerned for everyone with 36% concerned primarily for senior citizens.  This study was conducted to share her concerns and perceptions in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Additional statistics according to the study:

  • 39% if hospitals are being highly responsible and communicative
  • 51% believe they are taking all necessary precautions
  • 29%  say they are meeting the needs of their community
  • 13% say they are making testing easy
  • 35% of women have not heard anything from their hospital

When asking consumers what healthcare facilities could do right now to be most helpful during this time, consumers say:

  • 67% say “Reassure their patients and community members of all the ways in which they uphold their cleanliness and patient safety protocols”
  • 66% say “Send out more frequent messaging to patients and community members, giving them healthcare updates about Coronavirus, protecting themselves, etc.”
  • 44% say “After the outbreak is contained, start planning for more community events to assist patients and community members on how they can take better care of themselves and their loved ones.”
  • 26% say “Share about the credentials and accolades they’ve earned to help patients who are overwhelmed and scared feel better about going to a highly rated hospital.”

“There has never been a more important time than now for hospitals to communicate why consumers should trust them, and women especially value the “why” for reassurance.  We’re delighted to do the homework for her at, identifying the best hospitals in our nation so she can choose with confidence.  In fact considering the risks no one should go to a hospital unless they check how they rank, with every reporting hospital being ranked so that everyone can make smart choices, it can mean the difference between life and death, states Delia Passi, founder and CEO of WomenCertified, Inc.”  

This study also examined which media sources women trust to give them all the facts. In general, most consumers (72%) trust the media to some extent to give them all the facts, but the vast majority of consumers (60%), say that while they somewhat trust the news, they defer to more credible sources not affiliated with politics for important information. 28% outright do not trust the media, and only 12% said they completely trust the media to give them all the facts. Copyright.

When asking consumers to select up to 3 choices on where they generally get most of their news, “Morning or evening TV news shows” ranked highest, with 72% ; “Online” ranked second highest with 64%; and “Social Media” ranked 3rd highest with 31%. Less than 25% of people selected “Colleagues/Family/Friends” (24%), “Newspaper” (21%), or “Radio” (19%), and less than 2% selected “Magazines”.  When asking consumers to select the media brands that they trust, here are how the major news sources rank among female consumers:

CBS (39%)

NBC (38%)

ABC (35%)

CNN (30%)

FOX (26%)

MSNBC (18%)


BBC (16%)

CNBC (14%)


U.S. NEWS (11%)


This study also asked consumers if they feel confident in how our government is handling the pandemic, with 30% saying ‘Yes’, 39% saying ‘Somewhat’, and 31% saying ‘No’.  The majority of consumers (62%), believe the government administration could have done a better job to prevent the COVID-19 outbreak.

To review the full study titled Coronavirus & Consumer Outlook click here and for more information on America’s Best Hospitals visit

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