OSHA Expert Urges Employers to Provide OSHA Required Information to Voluntary Dust Mask Users

May 14, 2020 (Viz Release) Arlington, TX – – As businesses are slowly being allowed to re-open after state-imposed shutdowns brought on by COVID-19, a nationally-recognized OSHA expert is warning employers to ensure they are in compliance with a Federal OSHA regulatory requirement to provide their workers who voluntarily wear a filtering facepiece respirator, such as an N-95 dust mask, with basic safety-and health information.

According to Curtis Chambers, a board-certified safety professional (CSP) and President of OSHA Training Services Inc., “Employees are required to provide their employees who voluntarily wear a filtering facepiece respirator with the information contained in Appendix D of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, Respiratory Protection standard found in 29 CFRR 1910.134. This requirement applies to all industry sectors, including manufacturing, construction, agricultural, maritime, retail, warehousing and logistics, healthcare, and service industries.”

Failure to comply with this simple requirement can lead to OSHA issuing the employer a citation that can carry a monetary penalty. According to Chambers, the current maximum monetary penalties OSHA can levy for citations of their standards are set by Congress. The maximum penalty currently allowed for a violation of each Federal OSHA standard deemed to be “Serious” is currently capped at $13,494, and the maximum monetary penalty for “Willful” violations can be as high as $134,937 per violation cited.

OSHA Training Services Inc. recently released a new, inexpensive online training course designed to help business owners and managers meet the requirement to provide such information to affected workers. The course, titled “OSHA Required Information (Appendix D) for Voluntary Users of Filtering Facepiece Dust Mask Respirators”, is available on OSHA Training Services web site at https://www.oshatraining.com/Appendix-D-Info-Required-for-Voluntary-Use-Filtering-Face-piece-Dust-Mask-Respirator.php . Trainees taking this on-demand training course can print their personalized OSHA training certification to prove they successfully completed the course.

Curtis Chambers is a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) and holds a Master of Science degree in Occupational Safety and Health. He has held numerous leadership positions managing and evaluating health and safety programs and providing training on workplace safety and health topics at various public organizations and private corporations. Mr. Chambers is currently the President of OSHA Training Services Inc. OSHA Training Services Inc. provides OSHA training and mock-OSHA inspections for employers located across the United States. Visit their website at https://www.oshatraining.com .