Luis Gerardo Pascual, The Name Behind The Scenes

CAPE CANAVERAL, FL (Viz Release) June 8, 2020 – – You might not feel familiar with this name, but Luis Gerardo Pascual, a millionaire from Argentina, resident of United States, is responsible (or part of it for sure) of the most successes events worldwide of the last three decades.

With two Academy Awards, two Emmy Awards, several “Martin Fierro” Awards in Argentina, president of Post Media, 750 Group, Global Space Technologies, and others, he has anticipated the most important and crucial world changes like the Crypto Market, the Lithium Power, Digital Broadcasting, and lately, the Space Race to Mars.

Luis Gerardo Pascual

In 2002 Luis Gerardo Pascual was signing his first company Post Media, Inc. while his friend, Elon Musk was creating SpaceX the same month, the most important private Space company as of today.

In 2010, after a heart surgery, but keeping and following all his predictions, Mr. Pascual bought ten thousand Bitcoins at $1 each. You might know and imaging the rest of the story. He became a Wall Street expert.

When nobody was thinking about Space, he started to think about Space Technology and helping Elon Musk promoting the first missions including the latest one with Dragon Two aircraft, sending two astronauts to the ISS, from American Soil by an American Rocket with American Astronauts.

Mixing his Film and Television experience and the Space experience, it was obvious that something special will happen in that couple. The name of the child arrived last month: Tom Cruise and the chance to film in Space for the first time ever. Luis Pascual was the person introducing everyone around the table, and for one more time, breaking history.

Nowadays, Luis Gerardo Pascual is directing and writing several shows worldwide, with one partner from Argentina (well-known Orchestra Director named Angel Mahler), producing and directing Bohemian Rhapsody, the Symphony Show (the only American approved and official show of the band Queen) and several other shows, keeping their products at the top of the charts during 6 months consecutive from September 2019 until March 2020.

So, if you are wondering how it is possible to produce and make a worldwide impact, you might want to ask Luis Gerardo Pascual right now, one of the most wanted professionals worldwide.