Forget Drugs & Virus Vaccines – “Nature Cures” Said Hippocrates and MD Expert

#1. The coronavirus is not more lethal than flu—it’s a flu virus discovered 80 years ago. It causes a third of the upper respiratory flu—runny nose, sore throat, fever and  body aches, but it is more transmissible, so that more people get it and 1-2% deaths of more people mean more deaths. But it’s because we are doing all the wrong things, says Richard Ruhling, MD, MPH, board-certified in Internal Medicine and taught Health Science at Loma Linda University.

#2. He says the flu comes with the holidays when our immune system is down with sugary food or soft drinks so the white blood cells that fight infection are working at only 25% of their phagocytic index.

#3. Let’s not wait for a vaccine.  Virologists say it takes 18 months to make a vaccine and the ingredients are worrisome. Let’s repent of our dietary excesses and switch to fruits with vitamin C. Why?

The need for vitamin C goes from 50 mg/day to 2000 in cases like burns, surgery or systemic infection, but most MDs have forgotten the biochemistry they learned in med school.

Vitamin C is working in other countries with Zinc and herbals to help the immune system—search the web re garlic, elderberry, echinacea, cinnamon, turmeric.

#4. The Swine Flu of 1918 k

illed 50-100 million—a high percentage of those infected died in Europe and 10-20% in the US, but less than 1% died of those who went to the Battle Creek Sanitarium*. Wikiped.

*They didn’t use drugs. They used fever treatments and diet to stimulate immunity. Natural remedies enabled fewer people to die of a much more lethal virus than are dying now with medical care. When people have pre-existing conditions and are taking drugs, they are at higher risk and natural remedies (above) have minimal risk.

“Drug action always represents artificial interference with the natural functioning of the organism.” Drill’s Textbook of Pharmacology in Medicine, Mechanisms of Drug Action, chapter 5.

Since the body is designed for self-healing and drugs interfere with that mechanism, drugs do not cure, but may relieve symptoms.

Ruhling explains that viruses are “obligate intracellular organisms”—they get inside the body’s cells where drugs cannot go, and viruses mutate so that a vaccine coming 18 months later isn’t much help.

#5. Catching the flu in the Emergency Room, Ruhling used fever treatment to knock it overnight. His website has more information with helpful video links in the mid center column of

His new book, Health, Happiness & Destiny has only 5-star reviews on Amazon and is in the 3rd column with a short video.

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