FinLab Solutions SA announces the release of PackHedge™ v.5.5. providing major enhancements including unique custom Period Aggregators for portfolios.

GENEVA (Viz Release) May 5, 2020  — FinLab is pleased to announce the release of PackHedge™ v.5.5. which provides many new features and enhanced functions. Clients will truly appreciate the totally unique customizable Period Aggregators for portfolios which is a key element of this release. Users can choose to configure and display any combination of periods when looking at their portfolios, for example looking at a screen from right to left, display daily columns for the current month, followed by 3 monthly columns, then say 2 quarterly columns and thereafter annual columns to the inception of the portfolio.

The custom Period Aggregators for portfolios, consolidated portfolios and proformas can be viewed across most of the PackHedge™ windows, including P&L, Balance Sheet, Standalone Performance, Breakdown Analysis, Contribution Analysis, etc.

“Portfolio managers need to be able to quickly compare and understand any variations between different time periods in the portfolios they manage.” FinLab’s CEO, Denis de Pentheny O’Kelly stated. “PackHedge™ is unique in providing our clients with the tools to very simply configure the Period Aggregations they wish to look at and then to further simply click a button to expand or collapse periods displayed as or when they need. For example, with a couple of clicks a user can compare side by side columns for Year End 2018, Year End 2019, End Q1 2020 and End April 2020 and use this to look at the details of the balance sheet and the profit and loss of any portfolio.”

Another key feature of this release is the new Lot Date management for transactions. This allows clients to select which purchase/subscription Lot they wish to sell/redeem or transfer. This allows total flexibility to choose between FIFO (First In First Out), LIFO (Last In First Out) or AIFO (Any-Lot In First Out) when managing transactions.

Portfolio managers with a number of portfolios under management can now also transfer any portion of a transaction lot from one portfolio across to another portfolio and choose to define if they wish to keep the original subscription date for liquidity analysis and future redemption management.

Many other enhancements have been added to the portfolio management tools, these include: Making changes to certain fields with future effects (e.g. payments, maturity dates, exchange rates, etc.) of transactions that are prior to a Lock/Close date. Enhancements to Investment View window. Custom setup of the columns displayed in the Transactions window. Various new Liquidity Terms for Hedge Funds.

In addition, a new feature allowing users via a simple right click to create custom groups and multi-layered sub-groups in the PackHedge™ Browser, then drag and drop into browser groups as well as using queries to create and regularly update the contents of browser groups. Improved Cost Basis information and various additional Data Tips are amongst the many new and enhanced functionalities provided with PackHedge™ v.5.5.

About FinLab

FinLab Solutions SA is a software solutions company that develops, distributes and supports one of the world’s most advanced investment industry solutions for Alternative/Hedge funds, Private Equity funds, Mutual/Traditional funds and most other investment instruments such as UCITS, ETFs, Equities, Real Estate, Art Collections, etc. and which provides; quantitative and qualitative research and analysis, risk analysis, stress testing, scenario analysis, exposure analysis, contribution and attribution analysis, asset allocation, portfolio construction and management, shadow accounting for portfolios, managed accounts and funds of funds, due diligence, document management, workflow and financial innovation.

The company’s solution PackHedge™, provides a series of state of the art modular software tools in a single fully integrated platform that provides: Unmatched portfolio construction and management tools for complete proforma portfolio simulation and/or comprehensive portfolio construction and management for mixed asset portfolios, managed accounts or funds of funds with liquidity ladder analysis, contribution analysis, attribution analysis and exposure analysis. PackHedge™ offers the most advanced analysis tools including: stress testing, scenario analysis, sensitivity analysis, portfolio optimization, style analysis and peer group analysis, extensive risk analysis and statistics, PCA (principle component analysis) and cluster analysis. Comprehensive CRM, Outlook synchronization, document management, Mail Robot, workflow management tools including setting limits and alarms. PackHedge™ is built on a unique and powerful multi-source, multi-currency, multi-frequency qualitative and quantitative data management model. PackHedge™ includes data aggregation, extensive statistical analysis and charting, a multi-dimensional query engine, and an extremely flexible, easy to use and powerful custom reporting and batch report production capabilities. In addition, tools to manage time series imports and customizable due diligence questionnaires are provided to ensure full data integrity.  The company was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

For more information please visit FinLab’s web site or please contact:

FinLab Solutions SA, 11 Rue Maunoir, CH-1207 Geneva, Switzerland.
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