Build The Best Docks With Endeck(R)

Charlotte, NC (Viz Release) June 18, 2020 – – The waterproof nature of Endeck® makes it the ideal choice for docks. The code approved PVC decking shrugs off the abuse that water and constant sun dishes out, keeping Endeck looking great for years to come. If the dock is in colder climates rest assured Endeck stands up to extreme hot and cold temperatures.

Endeck’s capped cellular PVC construction is impervious to the effects of water and resists harmful UV rays, making it the perfect material for docks. The closed-cell core structure prevents Endeck from absorbing water. Because moisture can’t penetrate, Endeck won’t swell or twist. It isn’t susceptible to decay nor will it promote mold nor mildew, which quickly destroys traditional materials.

Docks With Endeck

Endeck Woodland series is the comfortable choice for docks, staying cooler on even the hottest days. Lower surface temperatures also mean that there is less thermal expansion, preventing warping or buckling. Deep embossing provides a realistic wood grain appearance that provides excellent traction, wet or dry. Despite the real wood appearance, customers can walk barefoot without the risk of splinters.

Light enough to float on water at only 1.55 pounds per foot, Endeck is the clear choice for both removable and permanent docks. The decreased weight makes the end of season hauling and other chores a much simpler operation in Northern climes. Despite the lightweight construction, Endeck provides plenty of toughness for anchoring cleats and mooring points. And customers can build with confidence, knowing Endeck boards have been code-approved since 2009.

Endeck delivers timeless good looks, with none of the drawbacks or maintenance requirements of many dock-building materials. Boards are available in 12′, 16′ and 20′ lengths, in seven colors, with fascia to match or contrast for a flawless finish. Endeck is easy to cut, shape and bend and requires no pre-drilling for fast, easy installations. The PVC composition is compatible with all types of substructures and railings, including aluminum, steel and wood, making it suitable for use in both new and existing construction.

The minimal care requirements of Endeck make it a no-brainer for those that want a beautiful dock that lasts, year after year. With one of the best warranties in the business, the low-maintenance mold- and mildew-free nature of Endeck is the right choice for all dock, deck, and waterfront applications.

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Born on the docks in Florida and in use across the country, the Caribbean, and north to Canada, Endeck has proved its mettle in both temperature extremes—all while shrugging off the harmful effects of saltwater. Endeck dismisses the worst Mother Nature can dish out, whether in the rainy Northwest, alongside the pounding surf in a coastal city, or in the heart of the Snowbelt, Endeck is the right choice for a beautiful, lasting outdoor living space. But don’t take our word for it; let anyone of the countless docks and decks installed since earning code approval in 2009 serve as testimony to Endeck’s longevity.