Autonomous is breaking records- Launched a fishbone shaped Kinn Chair

The future of ergonomics has never been so affordable

Mentone California (Viz Release) March 5, 2020 — Autonomous Inc, the leading brand of smart office furniture, is excited to announce the launch of their latest development – The Kinn Chair. In only 5 months, booming sales and fast trending social media posts made this ingenious chair the hit of the year.

Have you ever even dreamed of a chair that molds according to your back? Due to the latest technologies and extensive research, Autonomous managed to pull off the most ergonomic chair on the market. Nature-inspired design combines extraordinary comfort with state-of-the-art materials for the most reasonable price.

The magnetic pattern of the Kinn Chair is designed to adapt to every curve of your body and molds according to the movements of your back. Rounded edges eliminate the restrictive framing of a conventional chair, providing the boundless support to your whole torso.

The unique fishbone structure arches your lower back providing focal lumbar support, especially suited for 8-hour workdays.

Not to mention, its aluminum, built-to-last foundation is lighter, stronger and more eco-friendly than commonly used plastic. The special net material is a perfect blend of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) and ethically sourced rubber which is ten times more durable than memory foam.

A record number of 10,000 Kinn Chairs have been sold within the first five months since its launch. Most satisfied customers praised the Kinn Chair for its novel design and appealing price of $569. Not to mention the enormous amount of positive reviews that flooded the comment section of the Autonomous website, as well as popular media sites

“To my surprise, this chair really does hit all of the right spots. When you sit down it flexes and contours to your body.” – Bob Buskirk, Think Computers

“At $569, the Kinn Chair is a no-brainer for anyone looking at an ergonomic option at this price point” – Bryan Clark, The Next Web 

So there you have it the future of ergonomic sitting is here. The renowned Kinn Chair is continuing to break ground as a state-of-the-art office chair, providing comfort to offices worldwide.

About Autonomous

Autonomous began with a small group of hardware and software experts in 2015, and is now a global brand worth over $100 million. Autonomous’ core mission is to innovate smart, affordable productivity-hacking products with premium quality materials.