ALLOUTnano Launches Innovative Long Acting Antimicrobial Hand Sanitizer Using Nano Technology Designed To Promote Your Health and Well Being

June 11, 2020 (Viz Release) – – Germs are everywhere! They can get onto hands and items we touch during daily activities and make us sick. ALLOUTnano is a novel hand sanitizer, MADE IN USA, for all day and every day use. Now, more than ever, the importance of washing hands with soap and water or using an effective hand sanitizer is critical in our daily lives.

Powerful, yet gentle and safe, ALLOUTnano incorporates multiple active ingredients using NANOTECHNOLOGY to deliver long lasting antimicrobial action against bacteria and viruses while promoting skin wellness and hydration with HYALURONIC ACID. 

ALLOUTnano is available as an easy to use Gel or Spray formulation that disperses uniformly over skin providing a silky feel while spreading an invisible shield of ionized copper and silver nanoparticles. The ionized nano particles are negatively charged enabling them to repel one another and remain suspended in the liquid formulation with no settling. The advantage of negatively charged nanoparticles is that when the skin is applied with the hand sanitizer the copper and silver stay on human skin, which is positively charged, and do not shed. This has an important effect in extending the “contact killing“ action of copper and silver. The average size of the silver nanoparticles is 15-25 nm and the copper nanoparticles is 40-60 nm, well above the size that could cause any potential transfer of nanoparticles through the skin barrier.

Transmission Electron Microscopy analysis of copper and silver nano particles in our formulation clearly show the presence and uniform distribution of nanoparticles of copper and silver.

Isopropyl Alcohol at 75% concentration in deionized water by volume provides instant antibacterial action while serving as the carrier for the antimicrobial copper and silver. In addition the formulation has a pH of 5.3 and contains food grade alum and white camphor oil that provide additional antimicrobial action.

ALLOUTnano hand sanitizer is additionally formulated with a specific molecular weight (0.25-1.3 kDa) Hyaluronic acid that promotes skin hydration and silky texture upon application. Additional high quality ingredients such as lab grade non-GMO glycerin provide further enhancement of the moisturizing properties and Aloe Barbadensis soothe the skin. 

ALLOUTnano is FDA registered and brought to you by Serenity Technologies Inc. and manufactured at Serenity Labs in California, an FDA Registered facility.  Our “MADE IN USA” product is an amalgamation of powerful nanotechnology and  ancient medicinal practices to provide an effective and long lasting antimicrobial action.

Product differentiator:

Generic hand sanitizers provide at best an antibacterial action when applied. This is based upon the single active ingredient most typically ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol in nominal 60-70% formulations with few other ingredients to provide fragrance, color and feel. Once the alcohol dries the antibacterial action is finished. ALLOUTnano on the other hand, provides antimicrobial action (contact killer for bacteria and viruses) for hours after application through the contact killing properties of the ionized copper and silver nanoparticles that reside on the surface of skin after application of ALLOUTnano.  The presence of active ingredient camphor provides a pleasing fragrance that makes the product unique as no additional artificial fragrance is required.

ALLOUTnano is protected by pending patent US Application No. 63/014,688 and trademark application 88930122.

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