Action against responsible institutions by parties who sustained losses due to the coronavirus

April 8, 2020 (Viz Release) – – Economic losses caused by the coronavirus crisis worldwide are now already running into the billions. The total amount of damages cannot yet be predicted. Thousands of medium-sized and small businesses are losing their livelihood as a result of government sanctions. Around the world, countries and governments are suspending human rights and international law by decreeing conditions similar to war in an attempt to prevent the supposed threat of the spreading virus. Among others, those responsible for triggering the actions of responsible politicians are international institutions and agencies that have raised and interpreted the problem of the coronavirus and are issuing worldwide recommendations. Politicians in many locations invoke the advice of various institutions, leading potentially to a collapse of the world economies.

The Spanish law firm was contacted by whistleblowers from large institutions and institutes that support the suspicion that behind the communication at the beginning of the year were private interests, which triggered the crisis.

Luigi Carlo De Micco, the president of the law group comments: “The virus exists and is dangerous, and, as a health hazard, it must be taken seriously and combatted-  like all viruses – there is no doubt about it. But are the current measures taken by governments and authorities proportionate to the threat? Is it reasonable to shut down virtually the entire world economy, to drive thousands of companies into bankruptcy, to destroy many livelihoods and cause further collateral damage that currently cannot even be estimated? As a result of this threat, do we really find ourselves in a condition akin to war that justifies such restrictions or suspension of human rights and freedoms, of civil and individual rights? We are subjected to massive measures. Where are the exit strategies to return to normality?”

There are now several hundred injured parties and companies defending themselves against these developments and their consequences, bringing legal action against responsible institutions and demanding compensation for damages. The project is headed by De Micco & Friends Law Firm in Madrid, which draws various experienced lawyers into the examination of possible claims and representation of injured parties in asserting their rights. Individuals and companies in a position to prove losses actually suffered can be represented in individual or class action lawsuits. Participation is limited to parties who are experiencing an actual financial loss. Claims involving violations of personal rights, such as curfews, prohibition of contact, detention or internment, are only reviewed and considered if a verifiable, monetary loss has been incurred as a result.

Those interested in obtaining further information on processes and the potential for representation as an injured party should consult the website of the law firm.




De Micco & Friends
Mr Carles Bernabeu Verdu
Coronavirus project case manager